Lack of PR slowing your business growth? I can help you with this!

Hello sensitive business owner,

I’m really delighted to see you here. You know that you like to do business in a way that is in alignment with who you are. There aren’t many of us like that, so welcome home. Would you like a cup of tea, and maybe a cupcake?

Yes, this is the warm welcome that you get from The PR Training Academy.

You’re ready to be seen, heard and get your name out there. You want to be known in your field of expertise, but you don’t have the budget (yet) for a brilliant, sensitive PR person (like me). I understand. I was in your position once too. You see the PR Training Academy, isn’t my only business. Trying to get PR as a sensitive business owner is like trying to put your cat out on a wet and windy night…

PR is the ultimate way to be seen and heard!! PR takes time, and time is money, right? If you do not yet have the budget to have your PR managed I have plenty of courses for you to invest in to get you started doing your own PR. What’s more, you’ll love all the attention you bring to your business.

But don’t just take my word for it… Here’s what some of my happy clients have to say about working with me


I have become adept at spotting opportunities for PR

Esther Nagle , Stress Management Expert

Thanks to Carrie, I have become adept at spotting opportunities for PR, and seldom miss the chance to put myself forward. I have, using the strategies that Carrie taught me, been featured in The Guardian, Psychologies Magazine and Top Sante among others, and have no hesitancy in jumping on any opportunity that presents itself to me. Carrrie cares deeply about her clients and is a fierce advocate for those she works with, helping them at every opportunity, and pushing people to go out of their comfort zones into the places they are meant to be.

The great thing about taking an online PR training course is that you can login at any time and go through the content. Even at 3am, if you can’t sleep. When you book onto your chosen PR course, you’ll get an email with login details. You can access the content straight away! No more waiting for a book, the postman or bad weather to clear so you can start generating your own PR.

Say goodbye to no publicity for your business! Choose your PR course and let’s get you found by customers who’ll love you.  Ready?